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Are you an influencer, on-air personality, subject-matter expert, or creative talent who needs personal branding strategies to maximize your self-promotion, pitch creative concepts, and close deals?  

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Jess Ponce III

Jess Ponce III has solutions to help you promote your brand on camera, online, at live events and meetings, or wherever your busy life takes you.

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It’s time to really showcase your personal brand, unify and stay on-message across all platforms, and effectively pitch yourself to those who need to know you. That’s where Jess Ponce III steps in with his one-on-one coaching and consulting! He’s worked with global brand leaders like LinkedIn, Disney, TED to help individuals just like you maximize self-promotion, pitch creative concepts, and close deals.

Jess Ponce's vast experience comes from the world of entertainment where he produced and developed programming for ABC, Warner Bros., E! Entertainment, Style, TV Guide Network, and MTV.

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Public Speaking: Nervousness and excitement show up in the body the exact same way. The difference is what you do with the sensation.

Be the Expert: Don't assume audiences know who you are or what you have to offer.

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