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Are you a television network, digital outlet, or ad agency who needs a media consultant to coach  influencers, media talent, or subject matter experts?

Jess Ponce III has solutions to equip them to become your brand ambassadors whether it is on camera, online, or at live events.

Television Networks, Digital Outlets, or Ad Agencies

PR, Network, and Advertising Execs

Brand Awareness, Media Savvy, 

On-Camera Presence

Enhance your talent’s brand awareness, media savvy, or on-camera presence with customized coaching and training programs provided by Jess Ponce III. He’s worked with global brand leaders like LinkedIn, Disney, Lucasfilm, and HGTV, and he can help you, whether your spokesperson or on camera talent get ready for their next media appearance, live event, or online engagement.

Jess Ponce's vast experience comes from the world of entertainment where he produced and developed programming for ABC, Warner Bros., E! Entertainment, Style, TV Guide Network, and MTV.


RESOURCES for PR and Network Executives

Soundbites: A sound bite is a standalone statement that if even taken out of context has integrity.

Don’t Dilute Your Offer: Your offer is special and unique. Be willing to lose those who don't value it.

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