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"...Jess helped our management team build their best authentic executive presence via his professional advice."

~See See Ooi, CEO Asia, BNP Paribas Cardif

"...Whether it was over video conference or in person, Jess's approach and attention to detail was key to my success."

~Zaid Ali, Senior Director, LinkedIn

Seven Keys to Unlock the Speaker Within


Every day you engage in public speaking. Your ideas and beliefs are shaped into words heard by others. What you express creates a new reality.

This guide awakens the powerful speaker within you. Fear and uncertainty will no longer stop you from owning the spotlight. You will discover ways to speak with intention to provide the message your audience needs to hear.

Learn how to:

  • Express yourself with clarity, confidence, and charisma

  • Deliver effective pitches, interviews, keynotes, toasts and presentations

  • Align your words with your body language, external surroundings, and untapped intuition

  • Create messages that stand out, regardless of the medium or situation

Media coach and international personal branding expert, Jess Ponce III liberates the seven A.W.E.S.O.M.E speaking skills you already possess within. Enriched with wisdom from international business consultant and performance coach Emily Liu and a myriad of entertainment professionals, this comprehensive guide will empower you to shine anywhere, anytime.


"...This book is a 'must have' for anyone dealing with business relationships and everyday interpersonal relationships."

~Eleanor Chicolo,
VISA Executive

"...the definitive tool kit for stepping into your own personal spotlight!"

~Gayle Allen, Television Executive, TV Guide Channel

Everyday Celebrity

A Personal Branding Guide from a Hollywood Media Coach 

It’s your time to shine!

Unleash your innate star quality and get the meaningful attention you and your personal brand truly deserve.

Hollywood media coach Jess Ponce III reveals how you can master best practices for self-promotion that transcend the entertainment world.

This insightful handbook empowers you with strategies for professional and personal success—no matter your industry.

  • Communicate your irresistible offer with clarity, confidence, and charisma

  • Leverage media opportunities for more productive results

  • Grow your visibility, influence, and professional network

  • Create a compelling call to action for profitable outcomes

Author Jess Ponce III is the international personal branding expert who coaches individuals to tap into their own star qualities, including creative and corporate executives, TEDx speakers, celebrities, and on-air presenters from Disney, HGTV, ABC, and other entertainment brands.

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