Jess Ponce III has solutions that can help you cross-train your staff more effectively so you can drive change in your organization by sharing timely messages in a uniform way that engages every department.

Media Coaching, Training, and Workshops 

Jess Ponce III

Are you a department leader
or team leader who needs
help implementing strategic brand-building initiatives for your
business, service agency, or association? 

Businesses, Service Agencies, and Associations 

HR Executives
and Internal PR Teams

Reputation Management,

Brand Awareness,

Crisis Communication

Customized Training Programs

Book Jess to present a keynote, workshop, or breakout.

Available in  90-minute, half-day, full-day, and two-day programs.

Resources for Corporate HR and PR Execs

Three Types of Conversations:  The next time you're speaking with someone, decide ahead of time what type of conversation you are having – one of possibility, relationship or action.

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Confidence: There are two keys to confidence. The first is that you know your subject. The second is that you understand it relevance to your audience.

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