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Jess Ponce III has solutions that can help you cross-train your staff more effectively so you can drive change in your organization by sharing timely messages in a uniform way that engages every department.


Media Coaching, Training, and Workshops 

Jess Ponce III

Are you a department leader
or team leader who needs
help implementing strategic brand-building initiatives for your
business, service agency, or association? 

Businesses, Service Agencies, and Associations 

HR Executives
and Internal PR Teams

Reputation Management,

Brand Awareness,

Crisis Communication

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Customized Training Programs

Book Jess to present a keynote, workshop, or breakout.

Available in  90-minute, half-day, full-day, and two-day programs.

Resources for Corporate HR and PR Execs

Three Types of Conversations:  The next time you're speaking with someone, decide ahead of time what type of conversation you are having – one of possibility, relationship or action.

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Confidence: There are two keys to confidence. The first is that you know your subject. The second is that you understand it relevance to your audience.

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