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Media Coaching, Training, Workshops 

Jess Ponce III

Are you a CEO, top executive,  entrepreneur, or cause leader who needs coaching to ‘own’ your public role as the brand spokesperson and the face that people look to as the leader of the brand?

Jess Ponce III has solutions to amplify the power of your presence on camera, online, at live events or in high-energy meetings with individuals in your circles of influence.


CEOs, Top Executives,  Entrepreneurs, or Cause Leaders

Industry Leaders

Leadership Presence, Corporate Communication, Public Speaking 

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Customized Training Programs

Book Jess to present a keynote, workshop, or breakout.

Available in  90-minute, half-day, full-day, and two-day programs.

Resources for Industry Leaders

Leadership Communication:  Effective leaders communicate with compassion. They focus on the team, not the disappointment.

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Self Promotion:  Self promotion is a leadership skill because the focus is not really on you, it’s about the audience you serve.

Recent Articles

Recent Articles

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