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Take your brand to the next level!

The A Factor:
The Art of Authentic Self Promotion
is a five-step, interactive program created by Jess Ponce III. 

Emerging and Established Brands.
Optimize your spoken and online presence, specifically when it comes to:

  • Press, Panels and Presentations

  • Brand Development and Awareness 

  • Crisis Communications

  • D.E.I Messaging 

Transparency and Authenticity.
Identify your key talking points and delivery strategies for important campaigns and initiatives. 

Reputation Management.
Discover the long-term approach to nurturing positive perceptions about your brand.

Follow the A Factor's Five Steps

Step 1:


– a review of how you are being seen and how you want to be seen.

Step 2:


– a customized plan is designed specifically for your needs.

Step 3:


– a playbook of talking points that reach the heart and minds of your desired audience.

Step 4:


– a specific roadmap of how to deliver these messages clearly, consistently, and confidently.

Step 5:


- a plan for ongoing sustainability and brand awareness.

Results are transformative!

MEDIA COACH. Jess Ponce III leads key spokespeople through his five-step program. Straight forward, clear, and powerful, Jess gets to the heart and unspoken core of what’s important to both audiences and the brands that serve them.

Established over 10 years ago, The A Factor has served powerhouse brands like The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, Peacock, Lucasfilm, LinkedIn, BNP Bank, and more.

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