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A Call to Action

Creating your best brand

Marketers often talk about “a call to action,” but what exactly is it?

At its core, a Call to Action (or CTA) is your irresistible offer: the expertise or point of view that’s unique and authentic only to you. Your CTA also inspires your audience to engage and act; for example: to sign up for your email list, watch another video, see you in person, or do some research.

In television speak we call it the “plug,” the reason why a celebrity or expert is doing the interview. They are there for a reason and that’s to promote something – a movie, a song, a book or even a makeup line.

Publicity teams work with talent to craft savvy promotional CTA’s to support paid sponsorships, brand partnerships, products, and/or services. But as a publicist or marketer it is important to remember that talent also has her or her own brand to consider. And, if you are a brand without publicity or marketing support, you have to take care of both your partner’s or sponsor’s promotional needs, as well as your own.

This is why it’s important to create an attractive Call to Action and integrate this personally polished CTA into every post, video, appearance, and exchange.

Here are 5 guidelines to build your own CTA.

  1. Know you are the expert. Fully embrace your skills and accomplishments. Don’t fall victim to “imposter syndrome,” a lack of confidence that makes you afraid that you will be labeled a fraud. Remind yourself that your experience and knowledge are valuable.

  2. Speak to your true audience. Claim your expertise and identify those who will value it. Speak to them. Don’t try to be everything to everyone; let go of those who do not value what you have to offer.

  3. Start with your end game in mind. Content creators often wait until they are working with sponsors to be effective salespeople. Don’t wait. Write, speak, and create content now that shows your passion, commitment, and unique personality. Use language and stories that sell your ideas and point of view to audiences.

  4. Practice the art of authentic self-promotion. Playing small never makes a big impression. Showcase yourself with confidence. Let others know you are valuable. Promote your skills and talents in a personal way that attracts people to you.

  5. Be direct and specific. Clearly define your offer. Tell your audience what you want them to learn and take away from you and your expertise. Be clear and concise. Never assume they understand what you’re offering. Be bold and detailed in your delivery. Leave nothing to chance.

Audiences—online and in person—want something that is real and authentic. They follow you because they want what you have. Give them the best you have to offer through your Call to Action and your brand will soar.


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