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Coaching: A change of perspective

I’m often asked what is coaching and what are the benefits. Coaching is a partnership that gives you better insight about yourself, your goals, and how to reach the levels of success you have been dreaming about. Whether you’re stuck in a rut or you're a top performing professional with aspirations of something more, everyone can benefit from working with a coach.

It's important to note, however, that all coaches are not the same. A popular corporate action right now is to have a “coaching conversation” with a colleague or subordinate. While this dialogue may include some elements of the coaching dynamic, such as goal setting, it is not true coaching. Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship, usually with a third party, that focuses on maximizing your potential, whether that’s in the workplace or elsewhere.

This professional relationship has many benefits.

Here’s what a coach can provide:

  • Perspective on your own thinking and processes i.e. what’s happening right now

  • Clarity on how you may be getting in your own way by identifying your blind spots

  • Hyper-focus on your goals and why they’re *your* goals

  • Partnership and practice with someone invested in you, not your BS

How do you know if a coach is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you believe you can be open and honest with this individual?

  • In your initial meeting, is the coach able to help you identify what you want to accomplish?

  • Can you commit to the process of coaching?

  • Can you partner with this person; does this coach inspire you to work hard for results?

Is coaching worth the investment?

The cost of a coach can pay for itself.

  • There are both tangible and intangible benefits to hiring a coach. Easily measurable are things like a job, a deal, increased visibility or revenue, or other performance based results. What is often more valuable is what you cannot put a price on; increased confidence, insight and a new way of taking action.

It’s important to note that there are different types of coaches. Some coaches specialize on specific areas like job hunting, leadership, or team building. Other coaches are broader life coaches who focus on your overall lifestyle. Some are executive coaches who focus on your professional life and mobilizing your success.

I am a coach who specializes in personal branding, public speaking, and self-promotion. Many of the people I work with are trying to fine tune their messaging, deepen their marketing efforts, and optimize media to enhance their brands. My approach combines modalities from professional coach training and practices gathered from my many years in television production. The result is a powerfully clear strategy that helps targeted audiences reach the goals that are most important to them.

Here are the types of people I coach:

  1. Ad Agency Executives and Entertainment Publicists. These are professionals who are in charge of press campaigns. I work with them and their brand representatives, like celebrities or experts, on delivering authentic messages with ease and confidence.

  2. Creative Professionals, Performers and Influencers. These are actors, performers, behind-the-scenes professionals, and subject matter experts who work with me to develop their creative brand, promote themselves, and present their unique irresistible offer to an audience who will value and act upon it.

  3. Entrepreneurs and Top Executives. The goal here is for me to help them become a stronger brand or company spokesperson/representative through the steady development of leadership, communication, and engagement skills needed to reach maximum success.

  4. Department and Team Leaders. This group includes HR and corporate communication professionals, and teams. I work with them to present a unified, consistent, and coordinated approach to both public and internal messaging.

Working with a coach can be a life changing experience. But remember, a coach can only do for you what you are committed to doing for yourself. It is a relationship built together based on mutual trust, confidentiality, and work. It’s a successful partnership that will give you the perspective, insight and tools to take yourself and your brand to the next level.


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