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Talk About Jess

“...My life and business is more fulfilling and successful because Jess Ponce has been my media and personal coach for years. His insights, experience, warmth, humor, and endless stream of advice and tips have helped me be perfectly prepared for every opportunity and brought me places I never dreamed of...”

Nurse Barb Dehn

On-Air Medical Personality

Nurse Barb Dehn.jpg

“...Jess has helped numerous of our talent discover their own voices, their own charisma, and their own star qualities. As a result, we have confident, dynamic, and creative hosts who are celebrated by millions of viewers each week...” 

Loren Ruch

Vice President 

Home & Garden TV (HGTV), DIY Network

Loren Ruch.jpg

“...for anyone dealing with business relationships and everyday interpersonal relationships. You will be touched by Jess’s anecdotal stories and be challenged by his questions ...”

 Eleanor Chicolo


Visa Executive

"...Jess is able to quickly identify the areas of opportunity and partner with you to refine your overall presence and presentation..."

Laura Pulido


Executive V.P.  and CFO
Joni and Friends

“...Each consecutive day I watched our talent improve as result of Jess’s coaching. They liked him, trusted him, allowed themselves to be vulnerable with him, and most of all -- they implemented what they learned from him...”

David Salinger


Vice President Programming KGO-TV / ABC San Francisco

“...clear, confident, and charismatic insider...Everyday Celebrity by Jess Ponce is unarguably the definitive tool kit for stepping into your own personal spotlight!”

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